Terms and Conditions

Fjöruböðin – Beach Baths Hauganesi is run by Ektaböð ehf.
ID/KT: 490922-0670

Visitors are expected to pay for the visit in advance on the website fjorubodin.is. The payment is valid for one day and for the whole day, tickets are not refunded if the guest does not arrive on the booked day.  Guests are asked to present a receipt on site. If a guest cannot use a paid ticket on the relevant day, it is permitted to use it on another day, if the number on the receipt has not been registered before.

All online purchases must be paid immediately and in full by credit card. All prices on the website are in Icelandic krónur and include value added tax, along with other taxes and fees. We reserve the right to change prices without notice.

Children from the age of 12 and other minors must be accompanied by parents/guardians (18 years and older) and no more than two per adult. Infants must wear inflated armbands (not on site) and be under the care of a guardian at all times.

The beach resorts reserve the right to deny access to or expel from the pools anyone who:
Demonstrates behavior that reduces the safety or enjoyment of other guests in the opinion of Beach Baths staff.
Threatens, provokes, insults, or belittles other guests or staff with words or actions, or exhibits behavior that disturbs the necessary tranquility that should prevail on the premises.
Is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The temperature of the water in the Hot tubs is between 38°-40°C. Please do not use the aforementioned facilities if you have a condition, discomfort or physical impediment that would make it inadvisable.

Please note that if you wade in the sea, special care must be taken as the cold can have different effects on the body, you must not stay in the sea for more than a few minutes at a time and you must be especially careful that children are not in the sea for long as they often cannot estimate the cold correctly. In the sea there can also be sharp natural objects such as shells and broken shells, and Fjöruböðin is not responsible for any accidents they may cause, this is entirely the responsibility of the guests.

All use of the facility is at your own risk and we ask that you please treat the area with respect and pick up all litter and take it back with you or place it in a suitable container on site.

Pets are not allowed in the tub area.
Smoking is prohibited in the hot tub area and guests are asked to be considerate of each other and children in the area. The personal privacy of other guests must be respected during the stay and refrain from making or making noise or behaving in a way that may disturb other guests. Please
follow the staff’s instructions in all respects or risk being expelled from the area.

All photography, or other types of recording must be for personal use only and may not be used for any commercial purpose without permission. The personal privacy of other guests must be taken into account when taking photos, and photography of other guests must be avoided, if the same person has not given their express consent. Photography and other recording is strictly prohibited in Fjöruböðin dressing rooms. Anyone attempting to use a camera of any kind in a locker room will be removed from the venue and may be subject to prosecution.

There might be photographing sessions at the Beach Baths premise where guests could be seen. Guests will be notified if such filming is in progress. By coming to the area after being notified of this type of filming, you are deemed to have given permission for the filming on your part. Furthermore, you are deemed to have given the Fjöruböðin and other parties that have permission to use the photos from the shoot at any time in any kind of marketing and promotional material or advertising, in any form or medium. You are also deemed to have agreed that copyright and other reserved rights rest with the Beach Baths or the person who had received permission in that case. Please provide appropriate notice if you do not wish to provide consent on your part.

The beach resorts strive to have all facilities and services available to guests during advertised opening hours. Despite that, the Beach Baths reserves the right to close the facility, or part of it, for security reasons or for other reasons, regardless of whether it is possible to notify it in advance or not. In the event of such closures, the Beach Baths will offer visitors a refund of the entrance fee if the visitor determines that the ticket will not be used later, and this shall be considered full compensation.

The Fjöruböðin Beach Baths guests are at their own risk in the tubs. The Beach Baths are not responsible for loss, damage, theft or misappropriation of guests’ personal belongings. Personal items include, but are not limited to, eyeglasses, jewelry, phones, and prosthetics. We also strongly recommend not bringing valuable or sensitive items into the tubs. In addition, the Beach Baths is not responsible for water damage that may occur to personal belongings in the area.

Slippery surfaces can form in wet areas. It is very important to be careful at all times. Visitors are at their own risk and accidents can happen if care is not taken.

Visitors are required to wash without a swimsuit before entering the tubs and use the appropriate swimwear at all times.

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