Fjöruböðin – Beach Baths Hauganes

New and larger Beach Baths will be built to the west of the existing tubs, in the same spirit as they have today; with a strong connection to the sea, the beach, seafaring and sailing culture. The Beach baths are bathing facilities for everyone, where guests bathe in tubs that look like boats from the past. The tubs have different temperatures and are either freshwater or saltwater tubs. The facility at Fjöruböðin Beach baths is designed with reference to older shelters and the Icelandic turf houses and has six gables. There you can find a sauna right down on the beach with a view into Eyjafjörður, changing rooms and showers for all genders, a spa and a restaurant area where you can enjoy both in-door meals or in a separate pool with an outdoor bar in front of the restaurant. A wooden jetty made of hardwood forms the floor between the pools and creates a pleasant living space for the guests of the Beach Baths. Everywhere, the emphasis will be on environmentally friendly solutions and healthy lifestyles and the possibility of cultivating the mind in the unique environment that Sandvík creek and Hauganes have to offer.

We will also build a boat house for equipment that can be rented out, e.g. kayaks, sea jets and other water sports and leisure equipment. To the east of the boathouse, a marina is planned, where the old pier could be used as a defense  shelter for the new pier.

If all permits are obtained, it is planned that the majority of what is to be built will be up in 2029.


Holiday homes

About 30 huts in three different sizes are planned, at two streets above the camping area. The houses will be in so-called “cups” within the area to minimize the number of intersections in the streets. The houses, which will be 30 sq m, 45 sq m and 60 sq m, stand on the slope and all face south-east in the direction of Eyjafjörður. On the south side of the houses there will be a solar wall with good outdoor facilities. Also, the large window to the northeast will frame in the majestic mountain Kaldbakur.

There will be good access for pedestrians in the area. Illuminated paths connect the area, where the residents of the holiday homes have easy access to the facilities that Hauganes has to offer. Such a path will connect the baths with the leisure complex and the surrounding area and the beach with the urban area. The recreation ground is below the leisure complex. It is ideal, for example, for a mini golf course, a frisbee golf course, a soccer field and playground equipment for younger kids, as well as a cross-country ski track, an ice rink and many other things, as it is possible to expect significant winter tourism in the area. The field is located in the middle between the leisure complex and the camping area, north of the hotel and the Beach Baths, but it connects these areas well.



A forty-room hotel will be built just west of Fjörböðin Beach Baths and east of the leisure complex. There will be a dining hall for breakfast and in the future further restaurant operations, but for the time being guests will enjoy the meals served at the Baccalá Bar and in the Fjöruböðin diner. At the hotel, attention will be paid to various factors regarding the comfort and accessibility of guests, e.g. for skiing or golf, and special facilities intended for that equipment.

The old road leading into Hauganes will be used as the main connection into the area. The traffic of tourists and guests of Fjöruböðin, the hotel, holiday homes and the campsite will be directed to this road and not through the urban area as is done today. The new district is based on services to tourists. Leisure centers, hotels, campsites and beach resorts reinforce each other and form a very strong and interesting destination in the North. A place that both domestic and foreign tourists, as well as the residents of Eyjafjörður, will come home to.

Car traffic will be minimized within the area. With the location of the parking lots and good footpaths and connections to them, it is guaranteed that it is possible to leave the car in the parking lot and go around the whole area from there, as everything is within walking distance, either to the Fjöruböðin area or into the urban area and down to the pier.

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