Hauganes Beach

The picturesque black beach in Hauganes has become known around the world and is probably Iceland’s best kept secrets.

The beach has been very popular among the locals for decades. It is the only south (sun) facing beach in North Iceland. The waters are shallow far out into the bay so on hot summer days the ocean gets warmer and more comfortable then you’d imagine the North-Atlantic to be.

In addition, hot excess geothermal water from the village has been flowing out into the ocean of no use to anyone, till a few years ago, when a local decided to place a couple of hot tubs on the beach. Now there are three original hot tubs and the popular hot tub authentic boat, as well as changing facilities and showers. Hauganes Beach Baths are very popular among ocean swimmers and Aqua Sports

Now there are great plans for the area that will allow even more people to visit and enjoy this magnificent place.


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